mudslide cocktail with chocolate
Bushwacker Vs. Mudslide: The Difference Between The Boozy Cocktails
The Bushwacker and Mudslide are rich, creamy, sweet cocktails that are a riff on a White Russian. While their ingredients make them similar, they're different.
The Bushwacker has a rum base that's blended with coffee liqueur, crème de cacao, whole milk, cream of coconut, ice, and sometimes triple sec, Bailey's, or amaretto liqueurs.
It's topped with chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries, or grated nutmeg. It was first made with vodka in the U.S. Virgin Islands and later revised in Pensacola, Florida, to use rum.
Originating on Grand Cayman Island in the 1970s, the Mudslide is more similar to a White Russian, with a vodka base, coffee liqueur, heavy cream, and some Baileys Irish cream.
For a mud-like topping, many garnish the Mudslide with shaved or crumbled chocolate bits or drizzle chocolate syrup. It also has extra frothiness and creaminess from being shaken.
The Bushwacker has a more tropical flavor due to the rum, coconut cream, and chocolate, whereas the Mudslide's use of vodka imparts dryness to counterbalance its sweet components.