Busan, Korea famous Pork and Rice Soup (Dwaeji-gukbap)
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Busan's Flavorful Pork Soup Dwaeji Gukbap
Busan, the second-largest city and biggest port in South Korea, is a colorful and mountainous coastal locale that’s known for many things, including its street food scene. One such unique local dish is dwaeji gukbap, a pork-filled bone broth soup that’s considered a local specialty for its delicious flavors and healing properties.
The name dwaeji gukbap literally translates to "pork, soup, rice," but despite its seemingly simple composition, the soup actually takes a long time to make. Pork bones are first boiled in water, and then different cuts of meat are added to the pot before serving alongside a few sauces and garnishes for added complexity and flavor.
Depending on where you get it, your dwaeji gukbap may be served with rice (either in the soup or on the side) and may also come with noodles. It may include toppings like green onions, fermented shrimp, and red pepper paste, and side dishes like white onions, garlic, and different types of kimchi.
Dwaeji dukbap can be enjoyed all year round and at any time of day, and it seems to be most popular in the winter, where it serves as an easy way to warm up during the cold months. It’s also commonly eaten by women recovering postpartum, but it's also considered good for illnesses and hangovers since it’s full of nutrients like calcium and protein.