Two patties on grill above fire
Burgers Tend To Crumble On The Grill, But There's An Easy Solution
Flame-grilled burgers are crowd pleasers that are relatively straightforward to make, but if you struggle to keep them from crumbling on the grill, try this tip.
Burger patties crumble when there’s not enough fat to hold the ground meat together. Using lean meats, plus the high heat on the grill, often results in dry and crumbly burgers.
To protect against the crumbling, even with lean meats, you need to incorporate a binder into your meat mixture, like oats and a raw egg, to add fat and moisture to the patties.
Eggs are high in protein and fat, which will keep your patty ingredients melded together, while the oats will add moisture and starch to give structure to the patties.
Add one egg into wet ingredients (such as milk or a sauce) and a cup of oats in with dry ingredients (such as flour) before kneading all the patty components together to finish.