Two Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon bottles
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Buffalo Trace Uses A Lot More Corn In Its Bourbon Than You Might Expect
According to the lawful definition of bourbon, this liquor must be made of a grain mash bill that contains at least 51% corn, and some distillers even use 100% corn. Buffalo Trace, a must sought-after bourbon brand, doesn't include quite this much corn in any of its products, but one of its labels does contain an impressively high amount.
Some bourbon makers are upfront about their mash bill recipes, but Buffalo Trace keeps its formulas under wraps. Although the exact percentages of ingredients in the company's recipes are not known, a few general parameters and percentage ranges for its most popular mash bills have been released for public consumption.
The mash bill for Buffalo Trace bourbon, as well as for the E.H. Taylor Jr., George T. Stagg, and Eagle Rare labels, is reportedly very high in corn (as much as 90%) and very low in rye (under 10%). Even by bourbon standards, these mashes and the whiskies made from them have far more corn in them than any other grains or ingredients.