Homemade Flakey Peach Cobbler in a Dish
Bubble Up Desserts Combine Pie Filling And Biscuits For The Ultimate Treat
Bubble up desserts combine biscuit dough and canned pie filling doctored with spices, brown sugar, and butter, which bubbles up into a puffy, oozing dessert casserole.
Biscuit dough is buttery, fluffy, and flakey, making it a great premade swap for pie crust or cobbler dough. Plus, the pie filling infuses the dough with flavor as it bakes.
Bubble up desserts are as tasty as pie but take only half the effort. Simply toss and mix all the ingredients, then spread into a casserole dish and bake for around 45 minutes.
For a dense and doughy bubble up, use homestyle biscuits, and for fluffier dough, opt for canned flakey biscuits. For the filling to congeal, fruit or custard fillings are best.
You can make a take on apple walnut cobbler using apple pie filling, or you can make a summery bubble up with strawberry and blueberry filling. The possibilities are endless.