Brunede Kartofler on a white plate
​​Brunede Kartofler, The Caramelized Potatoes From Denmark You Should Try
Brunede Kartofler is a Danish delicacy made with small potatoes cooked in a buttery caramelized sugar mixture. It's a simple recipe, but certain choices you make matter.
Pick potatoes that are similar in size and can hold their shape when cooked in the mixture of butter and sugar. Small, firm potatoes like Yukon Golds are best for this dish.
The spuds should be boiled, then completely cooled before caramelizing them in a pan to finish the dish. You can boil and store them overnight to pre-plan your Brunede Kartofler.
Danish chefs use sugar from sugar beets in this dish, but cane sugar and muscovado can also be used. Just don't skimp on the best quality-butter you can find.
Margarine or a butter replacement won't work in this dish. Caramelize the potatoes to a light brown, being very careful not to burn the caramel, and serve alongside roasted meat.