A stack of cornbread with butter
Brown Butter In The Skillet For Even Tastier Cornbread
There's almost nothing that doesn't improve with a helping of cornbread, but to improve the cornbread itself, you should be browning the butter right in the skillet.
Brown butter is melted butter that has been heated to the point where the milk solids begin to toast and turn brown. The butter takes on a wonderfully nutty aroma and flavor.
By browning the butter in the skillet, you achieve two things: You both grease your skillet and provide an excellent, fatty base for a stellar crust.
This method doesn't really work without a cast iron skillet. It plays a balancing act with the butter and helps achieve that desirable golden-brown crust.
To make brown butter for this method, add 2 tablespoons of butter to a skillet 12 inches in diameter. Put the buttered skillet in the oven as it preheats so that the butter melts.
By the time the oven reaches temperature, the butter will be melted, beautifully browned, and nutty. Swirl the butter so it evenly coats the skillet, then add batter, and bake.
The result should be a wonderfully fluffy cornbread, with an amazing, crispy bottom crust that is nutty, sweet, and salty.