Scones with rosemary, Italy, Europe. (Photo by: Roberta Corradin/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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British Vs. American Scones: Is There A Difference?
Scones were first made over 500 years ago in what is now the United Kingdom, but they have since spread across the world and are served differently in different areas. The global variety of scones is best exemplified by comparing the typical British and American versions, which have their own loyal followers and detractors.
In the United States, scones are typically triangular, sweet, and buttery, made with heavy cream and eggs to create a dense yet crumbly texture that falls apart at first bite. They can be flavored with fruits or nuts, may be drizzled with frosting or chocolate, and are often meant to serve as treats on their own without any extras.
British scones are lighter, drier, and significantly less sugary than American ones, and are commonly served for breakfast or with tea. British scones have lots of butter added to them after baking, not before, with jam and honey also being popular condiments, and they are round with an appearance similar to American biscuits.