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Bringing Your Own Coffee Cup To The Drive-Thru? Don't Skip This Step
You might be thinking about bringing your own coffee cup to a coffee shop to reduce the waste of a disposable cup. However, there’s one crucial step that you shouldn’t skip.
If you take a personal cup to a coffee shop drive-thru, tell your barista as you’re placing your order, since bringing the cup to the window can make things difficult for them.
A barista’s goal is to have your drink ready when you get to the window, so if they don’t know you brought your own cup, it's likely been poured into a disposable one already.
Even if your barista transfers the drink to your cup, the disposable one it was originally pouring in is likely on its way to the trash can, which still creates waste.
Bringing your own cup could be the way of the future, and Starbucks even plans to make reusable mugs their main option by 2025. Until then, make sure to tell your barista.