Breakfast Casserole
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Breakfast Casserole Vs. Frittata: What's The Difference?
To many breakfast lovers, nothing is more satisfying in the morning than perfectly-cooked eggs, and frittatas and breakfast casseroles are decadent dishes that feel more special than simply scrambled or fried eggs. These two preparations do involve eggs baked with other tasty ingredients, but that's mostly where the similarities end.
Both frittatas and breakfast casseroles can include veggies, cheeses, and meats in addition to eggs, but most casseroles have a starchy base, such as bread, potatoes, or tater tots. As for the cooking process, frittata is made by briefly cooking an egg-based custard in a cast-iron pan on the stove, then baking it for a short time in the oven.
Meanwhile, the egg custard in a breakfast casserole is poured over layers of other ingredients in a deep baking dish before going into the oven. Lastly, while frittatas should be cooked and served right away, making them a bit more involved, casseroles can be prepped in advanced and stored in the fridge overnight before baking in the morning.