Slices of cinnamon toast, topped with strawberries
Break Out The Skillet For Perfectly Caramelized Cinnamon Toast
To upgrade cinnamon toast, grab a skillet and fire up your stovetop. Frying the toast caramelizes the cinnamon sugar, which makes it even sweeter and richer.
To make this crème brûléeesque dish, mix butter, cinnamon, and sugar to spread on your bread. When the sugar hits the hot pan, it will melt and mingle with the butter.
The sugar will turn brown as this savory fat sizzles, becoming even sweeter with a subtle nutty note, while the woody spicy cinnamon flavor intensifies.
Once your cinnamon sugar butter has melted and formed a sweet and crispy crust, flip it over and allow the other side to toast up. The center should remain soft.
Be sure to butter your pan beforehand so the bread doesn't stick and use medium to low heat, as you can risk burning it if you aren't attentive.