Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel's "No Reservations" (Photo by Jason Squires/WireImage)
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Bourdain Called This Food 'The Best Thing You Could Ever Eat With A Cold Beer'
From chicken or pork adobo and crisp lumpia spring rolls to whole roast lechon pigs, Filipino food is full of flavorful dishes. Anthony Bourdain was a big fan of Filipino cuisine and featured the country on both of his shows, but out of all the food that the nation has to offer, Bourdain thought one appetizer was perfect for pairing with a cold beer.
On an episode of his show, “Parts Unknown,” Antony Bourdain referred to the Filipino dish sisig as “possibly the best thing you could eat with a cold beer.” Although early versions of sisig were meant as a hangover cure, in the 1970s restaurant owner Aling Lucing Cunanan reinvented the dish and turned it into the beloved appetizer it is today.
Sisig consists of chopped pig ears and cheeks that are grilled and seasoned with vinegar and calamansi juice, mixed with chopped chicken livers and onions, and served on a sizzling hot platter. Despite its popularity in the Philippines, sisig is only now getting recognized outside the country, thanks in part to Bourdain who called it his "favorite Filipino street food."