A jar of bacon jam
Bourbon Provides A Much Needed Richness To Savory Bacon Jam
Bacon jam is a sweet and savory condiment that's delicious on meat, bread, pizza, veggies, and more. A splash of bourbon adds a special richness that makes the jam even better.
Bourbon adds a smoky flavor and warm, spicy finish to the jam that complements the bacon. To make it, caramelize bacon and onions, then deglaze the pan with a cup of bourbon.
Add vinegar and maple syrup, then follow the rest of your recipe as normal. Use a cheap bottle of bourbon, as you only need its most basic smoky and alcoholic qualities.
Bourbon's smokiness, derived from aging in new, charred oak barrels, pairs the best with bacon, but another type of whiskey or even a stout beer can also improve bacon jam.