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Bottled Water Vs Tap: Is There A Nutritional Difference?
Although it's often safe to drink tap water, it is also possible for it to contain nitrates, arsenic, or other contaminants. Because of the contaminants found in tap water, many people have opted to drink bottled water instead, but is bottled water the healthier option?
Some bottled water is treated to contain electrolytes, amino acids, and nutrients, but some bottled water could simply be tap water coming from municipal sources bottled with plastic. The FDA is fine with this because such water is typically subjected to treatments; in that case, there is no nutritional difference between the two.
In some ways, bottled water may even be more harmful than tap water since these plastic containers can potentially fill the body with microplastics, causing health issues. Bottled water is also more expensive as it takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce enough plastic bottles to satiate the US for one year, and 86% of those bottles end up in landfills.