Fudgy brownies on a table
Bored Of Baking Chocolate Brownies? Switch Up The Cake Mix Flavor
By replacing part of the traditional brownie ingredients with a cake mix, you can create tender brownies that explore a variety of unique flavors and textures.
Choose a cake mix flavor that will best complement your brownies. For classic fudgy brownies, consider classic chocolate cake mix, or lemon cake mix for a fruity twist.
Once you have your cake mix, combine it with eggs and oil or butter, following the instructions on the cake mix box. This will serve as the base for your brownies.
Maintain the essential brownie texture by incorporating just enough liquid with eggs and melted butter. This ensures the brownies have a perfect balance of cakey and fudgy texture.
Thoroughly blend the ingredients until you have a smooth batter, then pour it into a prepared baking pan and bake according to the cake mix instructions.