T-Bone steak in a cast iron pan, with thyme garlic and butter
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Boozy Butter Will Change Your Steaks Forever
Succulent, juicy, and mouthwatering are all words you might use to describe perfectly cooked steak. However, achieving that chef-quality experience at home can be difficult, but this flavor-infusing tip might just be a game changer for home-cooked steak.
Compound butter — butter mixed with seasonings, herbs, sugars, honey, and garlic — isn’t a new concept, and in fact, it was extremely popular in the ‘80s to pack extra flavor into any dish. Although there are endless ways to make compound butter and you can freestyle your own recipe based on your preferences, here are a few popular recipes to pair with steak.
Two common ‘80s recipes were Martini Butter, made with a bit of gin and vermouth, and Bloody Mary Butter made with all the flavors of the cocktail including vodka and Worcestershire sauce, making it perfect for steak. Other recipes might include whisky or anything you desire, and can be made days ahead of time, making this a convenient way to quickly add extra flavor.