Two slices of toast with avocado and soft boiled eggs
Boost Your Daily Toast With A Crispy Potato Base
We all have our favorite kind of bread to toast, but few actually pay attention to its flavor. To change that and upgrade your morning toast, swap the bread for crispy hash browns.
Frozen hash browns, with their uniform thickness and toast-like shape, make a perfect bread substitute. You can also make your own flavorful and crispy hash browns at home.
The hash brown serves as an extra crispy base for toppings like fried eggs, mashed avocado, cheese, butter, and even sweet toppings like jam.
To make homemade hash browns, grate your potatoes and remove their water content before pan-frying for several minutes to achieve that crispy exterior and fluffy interior.
Use fat (like butter) over medium heat to cook your hashbrowns. Leave the potatoes to cook covered for five minutes before you flip them and cook for another few minutes.