Several sweet potatoes on brown counter and cutting board
Boost Your Cornbread With Rich Sweet Potatoes
Cornbread is the embodiment of comfort and homemade goodness that always seems to make the meal a lot better, and sweet potatoes can take this classic dish to a whole new level.
Sweet potatoes bring an extra layer of sweet, mildly nutty flavors and velvety softness that enriches the cornbread's overall taste while adding a vibrant golden pop of color.
Start by selecting fresh, high-quality, firm potatoes that are small to medium in size and have smooth, vibrant orange flesh. Roast or steam them until tender.
Once cooked, allow the sweet potatoes to cool before peeling off their skin and mashing them into a smooth puree. Then, whisk it together with the eggs, buttermilk, and cream.
When done, combine the mixture with the dry ingredients like flour, cornmeal, sugar, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Then, pour it into a greased baking dish and smooth.
Finally, pop it into a preheated oven. Due to its high moisture content, it will take a bit longer to bake than typical cornbread — use the toothpick test to ensure doneness.