Red wine poured into a glass
Boost The Taste Of Red Wine Using A 2-Ingredient Trick
Most people probably wouldn’t think of adding anything to a glass of wine, but a bit of salt and lemon juice is the quickest way to add a bit of nuance to every sip.
For this style of tasting, given that the goal is to observe the way external flavors affect the wine, it is best to choose a red wine with bold flavors, such as Petite Sirah.
Start by sipping your wine to taste its natural flavors. Then, take a lick of lemon or a lick of salt and follow it up with a sip of wine to notice how the flavors interact.
When paired with a robust red, the salt helps fade the tannins of the wine, letting the fruit flavors shine, while the lemon plays up the tannins with a balance of fruit flavors.