Pot roast with vegetables in a pot
Boliche Is The Classic Cuban Pot Roast You Should Be Aware Of
Pot roast is a warm, hearty comfort meal, but every now and then, a dish you know and love deserves a twist. A Cuban dish called boliche is a zestier version to try.
This dish features eye of round beef stuffed with cured pork and vegetables. The meat marinates in a flavorful blend of citrus, spices, and sometimes wine for two whole days.
Boliche can be traced back to Spain, where locals enjoy stews with more than one type of meat, like beef and chorizo. It also has indigenous Cuban, Caribbean, and African traits.
To make this dish, carefully select a lean eye of round cut and decide which type of pork to use for the inner stuffing. Serrano ham, bacon, and chorizo are all popular options.
For the marinade, complement a garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper base with the added zing of a citrus juice such as orange. White white can also provide a sweet element.
Stuff the beef by slicing a hole through the middle and adding the pork, then place the onions and beef into a large vessel to marinate anywhere from 3 to 48 hours.
Though called a roast, boliche involves skillet braising the meat. Brown the meat on both sides in a large pan, add and soften the onions, then pour in the marinade and beef broth.
Bring to a boil, simmer for four hours, and add root vegetables a half hour before cooking is over. Slice the beef into half-inch pieces and serve with black beans and rice.