Homemade apple pie with a lattice crust on a red patterned cloth on white wood
Boiled Cider Is The Key Ingredient To Upgrade Apple Pie
Apple cider is unfiltered, unsweetened, unpasteurized juice from pressed apples. When boiled, it becomes a thick syrup with unparalleled apple flavor that’s perfect for pie.
Toss your cubes or sliced apples with boiled cider syrup to make a filling before adding it to your pie crust. The cider will create a richer, thicker filling with a deeper apple flavor.
Boiled cider adds a sweet-tart darkness to the bright fresh fruit, giving it more complexity. You can use extra cider syrup as a topping for more flavor and a nice presentation.
If you're making your cider from scratch, use a mixture of sweet and acidic apples. With store-bought cider, look for one labeled as "preservative-free" for the best flavor.
Bring the cider to a boil and then down to a simmer, stirring frequently to prevent scorching. The boiled cider is done when the surface is covered in copper-colored bubbles.
The best boiled cider is a time investment and takes up to six hours of simmering to make, but the rounded, complex baked-apple flavor is well worth the wait.