Milk in a pot on a table with a decorative cloth
Boil Your Pasta In Milk For A Creamier Texture
Cooking your pasta in liquids other than water can have a lot of surprising benefits. A great option is milk, which can give your dish a uniquely luscious and creamy texture.
With dishes like mac and cheese, milk creates a more efficient cooking process by producing a creamier sauce. The noodles absorb the dairy and become richer themselves.
Another benefit is that the starch from the pasta will thicken the milk as it boils, so instead of straining and discarding the liquid, it can be saved and added to your sauce.
You’ll want to use this for dishes that already have a creamy sauce, such as Alfredo. It’s also important to stir the noodles and milk frequently to ensure it doesn’t burn.
You can eliminate all that stirring by simmering your milk instead of boiling it, but it may take twice as long to cook the pasta, so check on your noodles often.