Two cobs of buttered corn
Boil Corn In Coconut Milk To Hand It A Buttery, Sweet Taste
While the traditional way of boiling corn in water and then slathering it with butter tastes great, you can add even more buttery, sweet flavor to it by boiling it in coconut milk.
Shuck the corn and fill a heavy saucepan with coconut milk. Boil the milk, lower the heat to simmer, then submerge the corn and cook until the kernels are tender.
When corn kernels bathe in simmering coconut milk, they absorb its luscious, creamy consistency paired with a nuanced sweetness and a hint of the tropics.
The result is a corn on the cob with a fantastic richness without a ton of butter or refined sugar. Try garnishing it with chili powder, lime juice. or even toasted coconut flakes.