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Bobby Flay's Twist On Deviled Eggs Is Filled With Tangy Flavor
In a recipe shared with Food & Wine, Bobby Flay recommends dressing up deviled eggs with tangy cornichons and pickled shrimp for a burst of tartness and crunch.
With a delightful crispness, small cornichon pickles offer sweet and sour notes, while pickled shrimp bring brightness and a savory tang, elevating the dish's umami profile.
Cornichons are available at most grocery stores, but you'll have to make the shrimp with a brine made with vinegar, spices, and aromatics. Simmer these ingredients for five minutes.
Boil deveined shrimp for two minutes, then plunge them into cold water to halt cooking. Place them in an airtight jar full of your pickle brine and refrigerate overnight.
As a finishing touch, Flay reinforces the tangy pickled flavor by adding whole grain mustard seed, chives, and fresh dill to the yolks of his deviled eggs.