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Bobby Flay's Top Tip For Building A Perfect Dinner Party Menu
Hosting a dinner party is a rewarding way to bring your friends together for a cozy evening, but it can quickly become overwhelming. From creating a guest list and menu to grocery shopping and preparing food, hosting takes quite a bit of work, so follow this tip from celebrity chef Bobby Flay to ensure that the night goes smoothly.
According to Flay, a great place to start planning a dinner party is by picking a theme. Flay says, “I don’t just think, ‘I’m going to do a chicken dish.’ I think, ‘I want to make an Argentinean meal’.” Not only will the theme help you pick your main dish, but it can also help keep you on track when planning your side dishes, appetizers, and drinks.
While a theme can help you create a cohesive menu for your dinner party, it’s important to remember to balance out your flavors with complementary dishes rather than dishes that mimic or compete with each other. As a final tip, choose on-theme games, entertainment, and music that will make the night more memorable for your guests.