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Bobby Flay's Tip For Perfect Grilled Corn
There are certain produce items that are emblematic of summer, and there's perhaps no item as eagerly anticipated as sweet summer corn. Grilled corn is almost a category unto itself, with endless variations, so we were interested to see which method celebrity chef Bobby Flay opts for when preparing this summer classic.
When it comes to grilling corn, some recipes call for shucking the ears, while others leave the husks on in order to protect the delicate kernels and prevent them from drying out on the grill. Flay uses a three-step process of pulling back the husks from the ears, removing the corn silk, replacing the husks, and then soaking the corn.
After grilling, the husks and any remaining corn silk can be removed, and then it's time to dig in with butter, salt, and any other accompaniments of your choice. Flay says his method produces "the juiciest and crunchiest corn ever," and that sounds pretty good to us.