Bobby Flay in his chef's uniform, smiling
Bobby Flay's Simple Method To Save Overcooked Meat
If you slip up in the kitchen and find yourself with dry, overcooked chicken, pork, or steak, Chef Bobby Flay recommends turning it into a meal that can disguise its shortcomings.
Flay says the best thing to do is put the meat into a taco. The meat may still be dry, but other ingredients lend a hand in disguising it and making it delicious regardless.
Chop up the meat and add olive oil to add some moisture back in. Use some lime juice to further tenderize it while adding a bit of bright citrus flavor.
Next, dress up the meat with any taco toppings you please. The moisture in guacamole, sour cream, and salsa will offer a juicy textural contrast and lots of flavor.
If you think the meat is too tough and dry even for tacos, you can always place it in a pot of broth and let it soak up the liquid to restore some of its juices first.