Chef Bobby Flay cooking in a restaurant kitchen
Bobby Flay's Marshmallow Switch For A Richer Sweet Potato Side Dish
If toasted marshmallows are too sweet and gooey to top your baked sweet potato with, take Bobby Flay’s advice and use a glaze of honey or molasses.
If you want to jazz up the glaze, mix in some mustard, whose sharpness is a good accompaniment to the glaze’s sweetness and creates a more complex flavor.
Speaking on Today, Flay said, "This way, you get a little spicy, a little sweet, but you also bring out the flavor of the natural sweetness of the potatoes."
When making sweet potatoes for himself, Flay likes to roast them for about 90 minutes and top them with a blend of butter, almonds or peanuts, and pomegranate molasses.