Salmon Caesar salad with grilled fish, croutons and cherry tomatoes.
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Bobby Flay's Foolproof Seasoning Method For More Flavorful Salads
While Bobby Flay is known for his mouth-watering burgers, the celeb chef also knows his way around a salad. Flay has shared that when he wants to balance out a salad dressing, he turns to his handy-dandy bottle of pomegranate molasses, but when it comes to actually seasoning the salad, he has yet another tip.
It's a common practice to crack some pepper and sprinkle some salt on a salad after dressing. However, when you really want to bring out the flavor of all the greens and colorful veggies in the salad bowl, Flay highly recommends that you "season the greens and vegetables with salt and pepper before dressing them" instead.
Besides adding salt and pepper to the greens early on, which "draws out their flavors," Flay also recommends pouring your vinaigrette or dressing of your choice "around the sides of the bowl" instead of right onto the greens. Then, he says to use your hands to "gently push the greens into the dressing to coat them."