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Bobby Flay's Easy Tip For Avoiding Broken Egg Yolks
While the occasional weekend morning may call for an omelet or eggs benedict, breakfast time is best served with some simple sunny-side up or over easy eggs. However, there is one common breakfast fail that everyone has encountered: yolk breakage, but don't fear, Bobby Flay has an answer.
While Bobby Flay prepares a nonstick pan with butter and oil, his main technique is cracking the egg into the ramekin before gently releasing it into the pan. When frying many eggs, cracking the egg into another container first prevents any broken yolks from contaminating the rest of the skillet, but it also has the added advantage of avoiding the risk of adding eggshells to the pan.
In addition to Flay's tip, cracking the egg on a flat surface as opposed to the rim of a pan or bowl is another well-known method to lessen the likelihood of breakage. By avoiding using the edge of a pan or dish, the risk of introducing the shell to the interior of the egg and perhaps piercing the yolk is reduced.