Slices of a porterhouse steak on a plate
Bobby Flay's Crucial Butter Tip When Cooking Porterhouse Steak
A porterhouse steak can weigh around two pounds, since it's a combo of two cuts separated by a bone: filet mignon and New York strip. This huge steak needs to be cooked with care.
When celebrity chef Bobby Flay cooks a porterhouse steak, he lets it warm up to room temperature and seasons it with a substantial amount of salt and pepper.
He then sears the steak in a cast iron skillet over medium heat for just a few minutes, before slicing the two cuts of meat off of the bone, separating them.
Flay then places the steaks and the bone back into the skillet, puts a pat of butter on top of the meat, and cooks it in under the broiler until it reaches medium-rare.
The butter basting, called "arroser" in French, gives the steak a richer flavor while also tenderizing it by adding extra fat. Herb- or spice-infused butter makes it even better.