Chef Bobby Flay in a black suit
Bobby Flay Suggests Upgrading This Crucial Ingredient In Salisbury Steak
Salisbury steak's main components are a meat patty and a sauce or gravy, often with mushrooms. It's the mushrooms that celebrity chef Bobby Flay pays extra attention to.
In a video shared by CBS News, Flay says that the mushrooms in Salisbury steak should be experimented with. He encourages cooks to go beyond the standard button mushrooms.
"[Use] whatever you like," the chef says in the video. "Pick the mushroom that you like the most." His recipe calls for creminis, but he also recommends shiitakes or portobellos.
Once you've cooked your mushrooms of choice, just whisk them into a mixture of tomato paste and half-and-half for a thick and creamy sauce that's perfect for your Salisbury steak.