Plate of blue cheese on wooden cutting board with bunch of grapes
Blue Cheese Vs. Gorgonzola: What's The Difference?
As it turns out, gorgonzola is a type of blue cheese along with other variations like Stilton and Roquefort. However, gorgonzola has a few interesting differences.
Blue cheese is any cheese purposefully molded with strains of penicillin and aged for months. It has textures ranging from creamy to crumbly and a salty, sharp palate.
French Roquefort is a strong aromatic blue cheese while Denmark's Danablu is creamier and muted. While none disappoint in flavor, all offer distinctive characteristics.
Gorgonzola is a regional blue cheese from Northern Italy made with Italian unskimmed milk. It is heavily regulated from production temperatures to maturation, rind, and shape.
These specifications give it unique traits, like green-blue threads of mold that come in spurts (rather than having a spotted pattern), its unique flavor, and its rich mouthfeel.