Spinach Artichoke leafy cheese dip in a bowl with tortilla chips, cucumber, celery sticks, tomato slices and red bell pepper.
Blended Canned Artichokes Make The Base For A Simple, Delicious Dip
Canned artichokes are the perfect foundation for a simple and delicious dip. Blending them results in a creamy base that concentrates their distinct vegetal savoriness.
Plus, using canned artichokes as a foundational ingredient in a dip allows you to enhance and complement their flavors with many seasonings and condiments.
Canned artichokes are creamy enough to be a worthy dairy substitute for vegan or dairy-free dips, and they can improve the texture and flavor of many well-known dips.
Canned artichoke hearts and artichoke bottoms are easy to find in most grocery stores. For an easier, smoother base, artichoke bottoms are less fibrous than artichoke hearts.
However, if you want a variable texture to your dips, you can blend the bottoms and add whole or chopped hearts along with the rest of your dip ingredients.
To remove the lingering metallic taste that often plagues canned veggies, soak the drained and rinsed artichoke hearts in ice water for a few minutes, or you can blanch them.
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