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Black Olives Vs. Green: Is There A Nutritional Difference?
Whether you enjoy olives made into oil or you like to eat them out of the jar, these versatile little fruits are indispensable to cuisines around the world. While whole green olives tend to be cured and stuffed for snacking, while black olives are used as a briny garnish, you may wonder if there's a nutritional difference between the two.
According to Shea Rosen, director of product development at Mezzetta, the differences in color and flavor found in black and green olives is all about the harvest time. While green olives are harvested before they’re fully ripe for a firmer flesh and verdant flavor, black olives are harvested when the fruit has fully ripened on the trees.
However, Rosen explains that there is no difference in nutrition between these two common types of olives; just a difference in flavor. No matter which variety you prefer, olives contain tons of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and the curing process makes them a wonderful source of healthy bacteria for your gut.