Bisquick sausage balls on a plate with dipping sauce
Bisquick Is The Shortcut Binder That Hands Sausage Balls A Rich Texture
Bisquick, a versatile staple, is the perfect addition to sausage balls. Tasting Table's Alexander Roberts has a herb and spice-infused recipe for a great last-minute appetizer.
The baked sausage balls, made with Italian sausage meat mixed with cheese and Bisquick as a binder, come with a tempting hot honey mustard sauce for dipping.
In 1931, Bisquick was created to make instant biscuits, but in this recipe, it helps hold the sausage mixture together without crumbling, and while also lightening the texture.
The shortening and baking powder in Bisquick lighten the meat mixture, while the flour binds the sausage and cheese together and hints of salt and sugar enhance the flavor.
Roberts says the recipe is "extremely flexible and forgiving", so you can experiment with a variety of grated cheeses, vegan sausage substitutes, or even ground meats like turkey.
Using Bisquick as opposed to a handmade mix of flour and other binders also means fewer ingredients to measure and fewer spoons and cups to wash, which we can all appreciate.