Three birria tacos on cutting board
Birria Tacos Only Get Tastier With The Addition Of Cheese
Birria tacos are dipped in a spicy, umami consommé broth for a flavorful shell around melt-in-your mouth meat. For an even richer flavor, try adding cheese.
Cheesy birria tacos, or quesabirria, originated in the California border town Tijuana. This creamy, flavorful dish has become a mainstay on menus in the area.
Cheese perfectly complements the flavor of the consommé, and also helps to hold the tacos together, which is helpful for when you dip them in extra broth.
Quesabirria typically uses beef brisket as its meat of choice, rather than goat, lamb, or mutton, along with a mild white cheese like Chihuahua, Oaxaca, mozzarella, or jack cheese.
While corn tortillas are the standard wrapper for birria, you can experiment with crispy fried or baked cheese shells as your wrap of choice to complement the other ingredients.