Salmon filet on asparagus with beurre blanc on top
Beurre Blanc Is The Bright French Sauce To Go Along With Fish Dishes
While the "mother sauces" in French cuisine are a great foundation for French cooking, there are other sauces worth knowing. Beurre blanc happens to be a perfect sauce for fish.
Beurre blanc is made with an emulsified butter base along with white wine and shallots to give it a savory and slightly tangy flavor, perfect for pairing with seafood.
Originating from the coastal city of Nantes at the end of the 19th century, beurre blanc is a relatively new sauce, but it has quickly become a staple for its winning flavor.
Beurre blanc starts with a shallot and white wine reduction, typically made with a Muscadet, though any low-sugar white wine will work. Then, cubes of cold butter are slowly added.
The beurre blanc must be monitored as it cooks to ensure it never gets hotter than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it achieves a thick consistency, it is salted, strained, and served.
Since the sauce is prone to breaking as it cools, it’s best to eat beurre blanc right away. It pairs wonderfully with white fish, scallops, shrimp, or veggies like asparagus.
You can also alter the classic sauce with new ingredients. Add white pepper or cayenne for a kick, lemon juice for tang, or use red wine for a bolder version to pair with beef.