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Best Bourbons Under $50
In 2022
Knob Creek
Knob Creek’s Small Batch 9-Year Bourbon is rich and woody with strong notes of vanilla and caramel, giving it a slight sweetness that keeps it light and smooth. Aged for nine years in white oak barrels and going for just $30, this is the perfect choice for novices, or as a shelf staple to enjoy in a cocktail or on the rocks.
New Riff
New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon is an exciting bourbon with a high percentage of rye that creates a unique, savory flavor amplified by notes of clove, cinnamon, and other spices. Although only aged for four months, its youth is part of its appeal, giving it a sharp, acidic flavor and making it well worth the $40 price tag.
Larceny Bourbon
Larceny’s claim to fame is that it’s a shockingly smooth wheated bourbon that gives off an aroma of fresh-baked bread with every sip. Larceny Bourbon perfectly balances sweet and savory with a smooth and full-body finish, and at $35, it’s a good bottle to break out to impress any guest.
Heaven’s Door
Created by Bob Dylan and named after his song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for at least six years, giving it smooth, sweet flavors with notes of vanilla, dried fruits, and spices. At $50 a bottle, this award-winning spirit is perfect for whiskey aficionados and Dylan fans alike.
Four Roses
Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon is aged between seven and nine years, giving it heavy oak and tobacco flavors, complemented by notes of chocolate, baking spices, and a fruity aroma. As a single-barrel bourbon, this spirit is more defined in flavor than a blend, making it a reliable choice, and at $45 a bottle, it's an affordable one too.