A light blue bento cake with white flower designs
Bento Cakes Are A Cute And Aesthetic Way To Celebrate Any Occasion
Bento cakes, or small cakes that can fit into a bento-style lunchbox, have roots in 12th century Japan, but became popular worldwide once they started trending in South Korea.
Bento boxes are compact Japanese lunch boxes that are extremely popular in their native country, and bakers are now using them as a cute way to deliver not lunch, but dessert.
Gifting someone a bento cake is considered a show of love and appreciation. The layer cakes often measure 4 inches in diameter and may feature a personal message piped on top.
Modern bento cakes are similar to Western-style cakes made with sugar, flour, eggs, and dairy. Bakers are playing with alternative shapes, like heart-shaped bento cakes.
A bento cake is a blank canvas, so you can use any flavors or decorations you like. Just make sure to serve it in a cute bento box to really pull the presentation together.