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Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Flavor Started Out As A Lie
One of the most iconic flavors created by the Vermont-based ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s is Chubby Hubby, with a vanilla malt ice cream base, pretzels, peanut butter, and fudge. However, Ben & Jerry's website reveals that the flavor's history is actually rooted in an office prank.
The flavor came about when two office workers decided to pull a practical joke on their colleague, who was obsessed with Ben & Jerry’s, and told him that there was a new flavor called Chubby Hubby, which didn't exist at the time. The pranksters felt so guilty they whipped up a batch of the ice cream and presented it to the colleague.
The two later sent a letter to Ben & Jerry's, divulging the prank and the flavor they'd made up; when Ben & Jerry's found out about it, they decided to make Chubby Hubby themselves. The flavor has been around for over three decades now and will probably stay in production for years to come.