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Believer Meats Wants To Build An Enormous Cultivated Meat Plant
From meatless Mondays to any variety of plant-based meat alternatives, the popular consensus seems to lean toward cutting back on meat, but Believer Meats has a different idea. Believer Meats aims to produce “cultivated meat,” essentially lab-grown meat, and the company has just broken ground on its first facility in the United States.
Believer Meats is building a 200,000-square-foot campus in North Carolina, which, once finished, will be the world's biggest facility for cultivated meat production. The campus will facilitate the company’s work in using fibroblasts — connective tissue cells that quickly replicate and grow — to create cultivated meat.
Believer Meats aims to create affordable meat that is irrefutable in taste, texture, and experience. While this sounds like a breakthrough in sustainable animal products, their meat has yet to be approved by the FDA, and although the FDA has approved a similar cultured chicken, it will be a while before these products are sold in stores.