Heirloom tomatoes in bowl and one sliced on a black plate
Begin Adding Cream Of Tartar To Your Tomatoes For Maximum Flavor
Tomatoes are delicious as-is, but if you want to experiment in your kitchen, you can use cream of tartar, AKA potassium hydrogen tartrate, to boost the flavor of this fruit.
Typically, this acidic powder is used as a stabilizer in foods like whipped cream, beaten egg whites, and batters, but its tangy flavor can also make tomatoes taste more vibrant.
Cream of tartar is tart but neutral in flavor, so a small amount won't mask a fresh tomato's flavors while still enhancing its acidity, and also its sweetness in contrast.
This tip is great for tomato salads or other dishes where they can be chopped up, then tossed with the cream of tartar. Just use it sparingly, as too much can create off flavors.