Ham and cheese omelet in pan
Before Cooking An Omelet, Give Your Eggs A Quick Scramble
Mastering an omelet can be tricky, but scrambling the eggs before cooking can help. Cracking eggs into the pan and trying to mix them as they cook creates an inconsistent texture.
Instead, whisk the eggs first or beat them with an electric mixer for at least 30 seconds if you're cooking a larger batch. This produces a smoother and more cohesive omelet.
For the lightest, fluffiest omelet, cook it American style. Pour the pre-scrambled eggs into a buttered pan, then let them sit at low heat until golden-brown.
Add fillings like cheese, ham, peppers, onion, and/or herbs on top of the eggs before folding the omelet. Be sure to limit fillings to half a cup total to prevent overstuffing.
You can also add a splash of water to your scrambled eggs before you pour them in a pan. This helps the eggs steam as they cook for an airier consistency.
If you want a fluffy texture, avoid using milk or cream, which can weigh down your eggs. Go easy on seasonings to start with, but always add salt to help the eggs retain moisture.