Raw beets on a white background
Beets Could Be The Ingredient Your Chocolate Cake Needs
If you're looking for a healthy sugar alternative that will give your cakes a wonderfully dense texture and elevate the richness of the chocolate, try adding beets.
Thanks to their natural sugar content, beets allow you to use less sugar and give the cake a level of earthiness, elevating its rich, chocolatey flavors.
Beets can be incorporated into chocolate cake in a number of different ways. They can be juiced, grated raw, cooked, pureed, or simply diced.
You can even use canned beets if you can't find fresh ones. Using beets in this way helps make the cake a little denser while retaining moisture.
The addition of beets works if you're making cake mix from scratch or using a box mix. Beetroots can actually help stabilize and keep box-mixed sponge cake fresher for longer.