Hands holding cup of soup topped with croutons, seasonings, and greens
Beer Is The Secret Ingredient For Leveling Up Your Cozy Bowl Of Soup
No matter the type, beers are a key part of drinking culture. However, their flavor and consistency are also the perfect addition to a cozy bowl of soup or stew.
Most beer consists of malted grain, yeast, and hops, creating a bitter-sweet, carbonated, bread-like flavor complemented by notes of anything from citrus to coffee to chocolate.
This complexity of flavor and rich mouthfeel makes beer the perfect addition to soup. Simply add it to your roux, while sautéing your veggies, or along with your other liquids.
As it cooks, the beer will lose its carbonation and alcohol content, while concentrating its flavor and thickening the soup to create a rich, hearty broth.
For creamy, cheesy soups, use ales or bitter pilsners. For ground beef or bean-based chilies, try a hearty porter or stout, and use mild wheat beers for chicken or fish soup.