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Beer Is Losing Its Grip On The Alcohol Market
Beating out spirits and wine for the last 120 years and as the drink of choice for over 50% of Americans as recently as 2013, beer has been at the top of America’s alcohol market for quite some time. However, with the rise of hard seltzers, trendy drinks, and this one old foe, it may seem that beer is meeting its match.
Even as beer sales grew by 1% in 2021, it wasn’t enough to compete with spirit sales over the last decade, which have risen to 40% of alcohol sales compared to beer’s drop below 50%. Beer's share of sales also includes hard seltzer, meaning your typical lager has probably already fallen behind vodka and whiskey.
Not only have spirits offered a boost in new products, which amassed $1.6 billion in sales last year, hard liquor is also up across the board, thanks to tequila’s 30% increase in consumption. Beer may have history on its side, but when it comes to today's drinkers, it seems like nothing can compete with a margarita.