Homemade Beer Cheese Dip with Pretzels in a Bowl
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Beer Cheese Is More Complex Than You Might Expect
Beer cheese is a variation on classic cheese sauce or dip in which a healthy pour of beer helps to offset the richness of the cheese, in addition to thinning out the sauce in the way water would, but with extra flavor. There are plenty of recipes to make this game day favorite at home, but they may not be as simple as you might expect.
Beer cheese isn't only made of beer and melted cheese; for example, one recipe calls for a blonde or brown ale mixed with cream cheese and grated cheddar cheese, while another calls for sharp cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and stout beer. Many recipes also include secondary ingredients like Worcestershire sauce and shallots.
The fact that beer cheese is less simple than its name suggests just means that you have plenty of room to customize. The Pioneer Woman recommends a lighter beer if you prefer a cheesier flavor or a stronger one if you prefer a more boozy flavor, and while pretzels are the traditional dipping parent, try crackers, rye bread, and chips.