A map of the continent of Africa.
BBQ Lovers Need To Try Africa's Mshakiki Steak Kabobs
A Comorian riff on grilled skewered meats is called mshakiki, and even though the recipe originated in the island nation of Comoros, it has spread across East Africa.
The dish consists of beef chunks covered in a complex spice mix influenced by trade routes to India. Acidic elements tenderize it after a lengthy marination.
Cumin and dried chiles are frequently used as base, compounded by an extensive selection of spices like turmeric, allspice, thyme, and coriander.
Asian-style aromatics like ginger and garlic also make an appearance. Components frequently shift, with varying spice combinations and heat levels.
The kabobs are grilled over charcoal, and the spices develop a delectable smoky aroma and flavor. They are a popular street dish but can also be enjoyed from home.
Mshakiki kabobs are especially popular in Kenya and Tanzania, where they're served alongside other dishes like biryani, fries, and salad.