Plate of roasted potato cubes
Batata Harra Is The Spicy Lebanese Potato Dish You Need To Know
Potatoes can be found all around the world in many different forms. In Lebanon, you'll find a traditional potato dish called batata harra, which is known to pack some heat.
The dish is made from cubed potatoes tossed in ground coriander, red chilies, and garlic. They are double-fried in olive oil until fragrant and extra crispy.
Batata harra translates to "spicy potatoes" thanks to the crushed red chili flakes or fried fresh red chiles. It’s then finished with fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lemon.
The dish is commonly served in a traditional style of eating throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East called a mezze, where small, shareable plates are served.
A mezze usually has two courses, the first being cold plates like hummus, tabouleh, and Fattoush and the second made of hot plates like batata harra, kofta, and fried eggplant.
However, you're not restricted to enjoying these delicious potatoes in traditional ways. You can use them in a hash, as a dinner side, or topped with a fried egg.